Monday, April 06, 2009

The Amaranth has Sprouted!

Back in February I posted about my milk jug cloches that I had planted seeds in as far back as January. The Oriental Spinach and Chinese Kale succeeded, but the slugs got to my lettuce, and the amaranth just never sprouted. Now, here it is 3 months later. I went out to clean out the jugs and try replanting the amaranth. I was sure I had done something wrong, since I was completely guessing on how to sprout them. See, the instructions are all in Chinese. I opened up the neglected jug, that had been out in freezing temperatures and not watered, because I assumed there was nothing growing. I opened up the jug and to my surprise the amaranth has finally sprouted! I'm so excited! In fact, some of the romaine lettuce has sprouted as well. So I planted some more lettuce, and put slug bait around it this time. When the sprouts get big enough to take pictures, I'll post some. Right now they'd be nothing but tiny green blurs.

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mlc said...

Another milk jug gardener!! The local amish farmers use them a lot here in Ohio, so I thought I would give it a try. Seems to work. Sorry to hear about your slug problem. I've been watching for them to get after my lettuce--but it is bit too cold for them yet.