Monday, August 24, 2009

busy busy

I haven't posted in a while. I've been busy busy. I haven't been spending near enough time on my garden, but I have been scrambling to keep it alive. My daughter is in 4-H and has been raising a sheep to show in the fair. We spent the entire last week working on that, as well as her getting the opportunity to learn how to show animals by showing some goats for a friend the week before. It's been an exhausting and rewarding experience for the entire family. She ended up selling her lamb for $5 a pound and made herself a nice profit. I'm very proud of her and she is of herself as she should be. This is her first year (and mine and her dad's) and it's great that she has done so well. Next week is the last week of summer before the girls are back to school and we're off to visit family. I hope I come back to a garden that isn't demolished, other then by the friends who'll be here to watch it and the livestock. They're welcome to indulge. I just hope the varmints, goats, and elements leave me something to work with when I get back.
Enjoy the last dog days of summer, and may your harvest be bountiful!

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