Thursday, October 15, 2009

Little apple tree - HUGE apples

My little apple tree produces pretty big apples every year, but this has got to be it's biggest ever:
4 inches across:

This is my giant apple next to an apple that is the size of one you would buy in a store:


Hindleyite said...

They really are huge aren't they? That one's the size of a cooking apple. Do they have a different taste to them? I hear the really small ones are sweeter so I was just wondering if the bigger ones taste different as well.

Hindleyite said...

Oh, and cheer for messaging me on EntreCard about my blog :-)

Kim/Cordie said...

Hindleyite, I'm not sure what kind of apple it is, but I think it's a King apple which is raised for making cider. These huge apples are extremely juicy and very sweet for such large apples.

Sure thing (on the message)!
Have a great day!

Dunappy said...

WOW that's a Monster. I"m hoping my apple trees will start producing soon. I only planted them two years ago except one that I planted last year. Do you have other fruit trees? I also have cherry, Asian pear, peach and mulberry trees.