Sunday, April 25, 2010

From Ignorant to Mad Gardener

Lately I've been out of my mind.  For quite a while I've been out of my mind.  I've been down right mad lately, and not in an angry sort of way, but more like a Mad Hatter sort of way. 
And when the gardener goes mad you can see just how mad she's gone by that state of her garden.

The mustard went wild, the carrots buried alive in weeds, the turnips gave up and the lettuce was being taken over by volunteer potatoes.  My artichokes are dying and the asparagus is all but gone.  The kale and cabbage went to seed and the weeds are so bad not even the mint can survive. All a reflection of what's been going on in my head.

But, lately, I've been trying to do some weeding or de-cluttering in my head.  It's a slow painful process, but I'm feeling better, and just like my head, my garden is slowly getting de-cluttered, which is also a slow painful process, but just looking at it after one session of weeding it's already looking a little better.  I've got a long way to go, with my head and my garden, but at least I feel like I've made some progress, which has lifted some weight off of my shoulders.

The lettuce, mustard and carrots were salvaged.  The dead and dying removed and fed to the goats.  A great many weeds pulled, but many more to go.  Just seeing the difference after this give my mind a small amount of much needed peace. 

And a small amount of bounty for the dinner table.

Mustard greens, lettuce, carrots and a few beets. 

Hopefully I'll reap some bounty after clearing out the weeds from my head as well.


ozzy said...

That is great to hear, spring is a time of renewal for everything and everyone. It is time to till the soil; are you ready for a weekend of back breaking toil? Can't wait for the new potatoes, pole beans and yes my favorite, lettuce fresh from the garden.

Sharkbytes said...

It's important to clear the weeds in the head too. Gardens are redeemable later.