Saturday, February 21, 2009

More Winter Gardening

I have officially moved my Chinese Kale and Oriental Spinach sprouts to the big garden. Cross your fingers that they survive to food status.

Here is the Kale:
And the Oriental Spinach:
I have to give a big thanks to my girls for helping me plant my starts. Cross your fingers that I'll be posting a yummy recipe for Chinese Kale and Oriental Spinach in a few months.
Happy Gardening!
OH Wait!
On my way to the garden I couldn't resist taking a few pictures of our plum tree. Here is is for your enjoyment:
Spring is so close.....hovering like hope.


Heather said...

I love how pretty the plum tree looks in full bloom. Mine grew very well last year and so I anxious to see how it looks in flower. I may question my wisdom in planting in the yard when it actually has more than four plums. Hehe. Hope your spring is going well!
-Heather (From Dunsmuir:)

Sinclair said...

Wow! Buds already flowering...beautiful! Still bare up here, but moving forward faster than I can keep up with prep for spring!

Gardeness said...

Your going to have tons of goodies! How fun. And that tree is lovely. Isn't it wonderful to have such gorgeous blooms right now.

Mrs Be said...

That tree is wonderful. We've had lovely weather in my part of the UK today, really feel like spring is here (although I'm sure I'll be proved wrong!).

Love the name of your blog BTW!

RainGardener said...

Your plum blossoms are lovely and it looks like your goodies are sprouting. It doesn't get much better than that - ceptin' spring getting here - soon!

anna said...

I'm growing Kale this year also, but I don't plant until later in the year. I still had snow on the ground in Mid Feb.