Monday, February 16, 2009

Seed Catalogs

So, is anyone else being inundated with seed catalogs? I use to get one or two a year. Then I ordered seed potatoes from Territorial Seed Company last year, and this year, I received 10 catalogs within a 2 month period. Usually I would be irritated by receiving so many catalogs, but seed catalogs today are like the Sears Toy catalog was for me at Christmas time when I was 5 years old. I can spend hours looking at them and dreaming. So, how does one go about controlling themselves and only ordering what they really can grow, and how much do I really need to order. How much can I buy locally?

My plan is, to circle everything I want, then note what I know I can get locally, either from our local nurseries or from our farmers' markets. I've already discovered I can get asparagus crowns, seed potatoes, onions, and rhubarb locally. Even though I can buy purslane and veronica at the farmers market, I can't seem to find the seed or starts for them locally, so those I'll order, along with the other things I can't find locally. But from which catalog?

I've received catalogs from Connecticut to Wisconsin (even though they're called Vermont seed Co.), to Maine to Pennsylvania to Oregon. So, I've decided I'd focus on the one's from Cottage Grove Oregon, specifically Territorial Seed and Abundant Life. They're as local as I can get when it comes to seed catalogs. If there is anything else I can afford to order and really want that I can't get locally or from Cottage Grove, I'll break down and order from the others.

The one other thing I'll have to order from out of state is Sweet Potatoe's. No one will sell to California because they're too restrictive on what can be shipped to the state. It frustrates me that sweet pototoes are grown in California on corporate monster agribusiness farms, but none of these companies will sell slips to small farmers to grow on their own, and no one is allowed to ship slips into California. Well Ha! I've found one place willing and able to ship to California, and I plan to grow sweet potatoes this year. I'd say who this source is, but I'm afraid if I print it here, they'll be stopped from shipping, and I dont' want to do that. Just spend some time googleling and you'll find them.

So now I need to figure out who much I can squeeze into my already tilled garden and how much more of my yard I have time to till or build raised beds onto, then I can start shopping away for all the delightful treats and yummies I hope I can grow this year.

So back to circling all the "toys" I want from those seed catalogs and to all the mapping out and planning!
May we all have and abundant year!


Sinclair said...

I really like Territorial, and I am planting only heirloom, organic this year. Do you try to heirloom only garden? This is my first year to make the attempt. Love your blog!

Michelle said...

Hi Kim, there's a new seed company in No. Calif that you might be interested in trying. I read about them after I had ordered too many seeds already, but may try them next year. They are at

I found you via Blotanical. Hope to see more posts from you in the future!

Heather said...

Hi Kim, I grew up in Dunsmuir. Are you familiar with that area? I live in west central idaho now. I added myself as a follower on your blog. I like that feature on my own, then I can see who follows but also it is easier for me to follow others if they are in my blogger dashboard. I am still new to all this blogging land stuff so I am learning more everyday.
Enjoy, Heather

Genevieve said...

Hey Kim,

I've been totally drooling over Baker Creek - I read about them on Garden Rant and the catalog is all glossy and crazily-beautiful.

I'm a bit new to the whole seed-starting thing, so we'll see how the year goes!