Monday, June 08, 2009

Sheesh what a day!

It has been ages since I've posted. I'd like to say it was because I was busy in the garden, but that wouldn't be entirely true. That has been part of it, but only part. For the last week and half I've been sick with some crap that's taken on all kinds of symptoms. I've been stressing about the economy, specifically our own personal economy, trying to keep up at work, with the girls school work and social life, dishes dishes dishes (remember the dishwasher is broken) and a myriad of other things. I have been busy taking pictures along the way, and have tons to post. Now, where to begin.

Tonight, I'm exhausted. It's day 11, going on 12 of whatever this crud is I'm sick with. I got home today and immediately went down for a nap before the girls came home. I got in an hour, barely woke up to my husband scrambling to deal with some kind of chaos in the field. I crawled out and looked out in the field for him to look back in exasperation and say, "OH Shit! They're on the roof!"

That's the goats he's talking about. I yell back, "OK!" Throw on my crocks ( not the best shoes for the challenge ahead) and run up our slope behind the garage and hope I can lure the goats off without actually getting on the roof. (I'm scared to death of heights.) It worked! But then.....

What do I do now? I have to somehow get them back in the field.....alone,

I head for the upper gate next to the chicken coop with Sugar Magnolia following in hot pursuit. This could be good or bad. Is she happy to follow or pissed? Turns out she's pissed. As I try to unhook the makeshift gate with my dog nipping at Sugars feet, she pins me, all 150 lbs of her, against the fence post, and proceeds to push harder and harder until the fence post starts to uproot! I'm yelling for my husband to help, I can't move, she's got me pinned. Then I look up to see him walking slowly towards us, in the neighbors field, holding his chest. Oh shit! He broke his ribs, again. He can't help me. I look behind me and Mocha is looking for an in to give me a good butt. I'm getting angry now. I grab Sugar by the horns and to my surprise I've got her under control. Gotta love adrenaline. Unfortunately I can't hold her with one hand and open the gate with the other. Finally I get it open and realize I can't let her in the way I planned. The 4-H sheep are in there and Sugar can't go there. I check on John and head back the other way. The goats follow, not too closely thankfully. Then they attack my apple tree! Now I'm really pissed!

Between John, our dog CB and me we finally get those damn goats back in the field. But to really top off my day, we walk down to the vegie garden and discover that something ate every single ( about 40) beet sprout I had planted the night before. I drug my sick butt out to the garden and planted the sprouts that my daughter started only to find them demolished. A garden day from hell I'll tell ya!

Tomorrow, I'll have more pleasant stories to tell. I have had some successes and I have tons pictures to share.

Next time you're having a bad gardening day, be glad you don't have any goats on your roof.
Happy gardening!

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Anonymous said...

I feel for ya sister, I truley feel for ya! MICHALE