Saturday, June 13, 2009

Too sick to garden

I've been sick for over 2 weeks now. I've spent little to no time in my garden. The most I've done is a little watering. I do have lots of pictures though, so I'll post them today, because that's all I have energy to do today.

Oriental Spinach on March 29th

Oriental Spinach on April 26th.

Chinese Kale - March 29th
June 6th - Chinese Kale. We'll be eating this in a couple of days.

Romaine lettuce starts - April 26th

Romaine lettuce - June 6th. That's broccoli behind it.

My roses

My strawberry patch, with makeshift deer protection
My poor little fig tree - trying to save it from the deer this year.
Cecelia's basil starts
One of the hen's taking advantage of the leak in our hose.
My tomatoes! Cross your fingers that they keep doing well.
Apples are coming!
Cordelia's beet starts. Unfortunately something demolished these hours after transplanting.
Our veggie garden on June 6th.

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Po said...

Hi Kim.

Just stumbled across your blog. Love it.

Have you had a look at yet?

Lots of people there who would appreciate what you have to say. Over 1000 food gardeners and locavores networking together.

Ooooby is an acronym for Out of our own back yards.

Hope you like it.